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A type of small mammal belonging to the genus Mustela. They are small, active predators. The Pube Weasel is a species specially adapted to living in thick pubic hair, generally on the female vagina or male genetalia. Other forms, though, have been found to reside in anal pubes, and sometimes even within the rectum itself (although this specific species has troubled scientists over whether or not it is an actual 'Pube' Weasel). Many sub-species of Pube Weasel are very vicious, and have been known to mutilate the male penis and pubical sac, and even the vagina. It is advisable to check your partner, if they have a thick bushy forest, in order to retain your manhood/woman-hood.

There is also the possibility of a slightly larger, but usually tamed, Pube Ferret. The Pube Ferret is also part of the genus Mustela. Another thing to note is that male Pube Ferrets are substantially larger that their female counterparts. Both can, if released, to severe damage to genitalia and bodies. Stay away.
Brian - "JESUS CHRIST, dude. What has happened to your dick?"
Gerome - "This hooker had a crazy Pube Weasel... it may have even been a Ferret. I am lucky to be alive."
Brian - "Crap man. I would go see a doctor about that."
Gerome - "Yeah."
by Earlobe Beaver July 11, 2011

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