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A game that has the following rules:

1. Crumble two Pop Tarts (One wrapper) into your pubes while still wearing pants.

2. Go up to a stranger or friend and pop open your pants while shouting "PUBE TARTS!"

3. The stranger or friend now has 1 minute to eat all the pop tart crumbs on the floor.

4. If he or she fails to eat all the crumbs in the time allotted, they must eat your pube hairs.
Reza: Hey, what should we do with these extra pop tarts?

Bobak: Let's just jizz on them and give them to blind people.

Blake: No, I got a better idea let's play a little game of pube tarts.

Reza: Oh shit dog, that'd be so funny. My pubes are begging to be chomped on.
by DavidEKelly September 28, 2010

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