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The ball of pubic hair that you find stuck in the drain of your shower of bathtub that resembles a hairy spider, probably left behind by a roommate.
I was about to go take a shower when I found a gigantic pube spider just hanging out in my drain.
by eaglesfan95 June 24, 2010
the nasty knot of hair that clings to your hand after you resurface from a deep hard iching of your ass or balls. sometimes this furry little creature is held together by dried shit or cum. they do not make very good pets.
harold: fuckin A man, i just went down to ich my nuts and this pube spider just bit me!
by zimplr December 11, 2013
one bro does everything another bro does. Copy cat

One Male grabs onto another mans pubes and hangs on!
He is such a pube spider... Anthony bought a Corvette and now He is buying one.
by Jaeson - not my real name.... October 14, 2011
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