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A sandwich that is entirely comprised of pubes inside the bread. Occasionally a special sauce is added.

Origin- The Pube Sandwich is Cleveland's greatest gift to the world since the Cleveland Steamer. Sometimes referred to as the curly burger, the Pube Sandwich is often times fed to unsuspecting victims or merely laid out for viewing.
"Holy Shit! Ronak just ate that entire pube sandwich."

-- "Dude, did you add the special sauce?"

"You're fuckin'right I did!"
#pube #sandwich #pubic hair #cleveland steamer #steamer
by Scott Bilas January 18, 2006
Shaving your pubes with anything more than a #1 razor.
Yo Josh! Shaving with a #2 gonna give your wifey an Italian pube sandwich!
#pube #sandwich #shaving #pubic hair #head
by Jose Andrade August 06, 2008
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