What pubby's do/wear/act.
1. Wear skateboard shoes even though they do not skateboard.
2. Wears Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, and Hollister clothes. American Eagle is okay.
3. Male pubbies tend to have extremely long hair.
4. Pubbies usually swear in almost every sentence.
5. Basically they are not unique and try to follow the crowd all the time.
6. And most importantly, pubbies usually attend a public school.
Bob: "Look at the guy with the Aeropostle shirt. He keeps swearing and spitting constantly."
Joe: "I know. He's such a pubby."
by anzc December 28, 2008
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A Warcraft3, Starcraft, or generally any other game/netowrk online user that has trouble comprehending even the most basic of human functions, usually cannot spell properly, and can't take a hint or "read between the lines, if you will, at all, whatsoever.
Pubbies are useless and should be avoided at all costs. If you cannot avoid a pubby, try harassing the pubby with words that the pubby's simple mind cannot comprehend, or perhaps, hero rushing his dumb ass then laughing after you ruined the game for that dumb fuck because he's such a useless piece of shit he started insulting his own teammate.
Kel_Thuzad is such a fucking pubby he ditched the clan to hang out with some pubby faggots that can't fathom that there is in fact a difference between their asses, and holes which exist in the ground.
by PLagg January 31, 2005
consisting of a person who is pubbin
a human with a freshcut or anderson verajao or devin allen are pubby
by a man whos pubby May 15, 2010
An online computer game setup where all the players are picked at random and/or the game allows any person to join. This has the downside of encountering immature players and/or players who leave before the game is finished.
That TOB pubbie sucked, all my teammates left before we even started.
by Dark Sage March 04, 2004
Adj; one who is an unattractive overweight or obese person often labeled by others as a drunk, one who frequents bars, or acts as though under the influence of alcohol. Often only have social lives on internet chat rooms and forums.
Look at that pubby;cant decide if he needs to sober up or get a plastic surgeon!
by sonofabird July 10, 2008
1. a game on battle.net that is open to everyone

2. the above defenition, except everyone is a noob

3. sometimes, private games can seem like pubbies if they include chawtf, sica, or 13lood.prince
hey, lets make it a pubby, there arent enough people to make a private game
by Raven March 05, 2004
pubic hair pubes
Chris: dude i shaved my pubbies today
Mike: what the fuck man i dont want to know about your bush!
by bambooxbangax July 27, 2008
a french pube, found in hotel rooms in Montreal.
OMG theres a frickin' pube on the bed! but in Quebec they probably think its pronounced pubbie! haha PUBBIES!!!
by mbiest February 14, 2008

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