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A woman whose haggard appearance and demeanour indicates she has spent most of her life at pubs and bars, binge drinking, chain smoking, sleazing onto men and picking bar fights. Typical physical traits include bleached blonde hair, overtanned and wrinkled, armband tattoo, silver rings on every finger, saggy boobs (which she is not opposed to flop out for the boys) hanging out of a white crocheted singlet. Can be found sitting at the bar, drinking a pint of cider and smoking a cigarette.
Chloe: "Your mum's a pub slut."
Katie: "But, so are we."
Chloe: "Oh, yeah. Woo! Tits out for the boys!"
by Pub Slut May 09, 2010
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A slut or group of sluts who frequent the same pub etc trying to pull different blokes each week, acting sluttishly in doing so.
Bloke: I'm sick of seeing the same pubsluts in here every week.
Bird: I'm gonna knock that fucking pubslut out in a minute.
by luppo February 22, 2005
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