What is in chinese food.
When my son Skippy burped up something that smelled like ass. NASTY ASS.. I asked him what crawled in his mouth and died? He replied 'I had chinese today'. I replied you had pug today.
by holly palmer November 29, 2007
Cheifly British, slang term for Peugeot, especially small crap ones.
Yo, come check out me new Pug 106!
by coolfish265 September 07, 2006
Also meaning Pick up Gamers for those who played qwtf amoung other games in NZ. Pick up gamers seems to be more for the old school qwtf players in NZ.

Main description now is Pick up Game.
"Who wants a PUG? ill pick up some gamers"
by Gamgetta March 03, 2005
A word used to desribe a kid that looks abnormaly like a dog this person will normally claim to have gotten with more girls then you and all your friends combined hes is most commonly known for not being able to finish a sentence(see examples)and most importantly this person is nasty at rock band

come on guys i dont actually look like a pug
by lllllllllllllllllllll January 21, 2008
A dog who looked like it ran straight into a brick wall.
The classic distorted face of the pug is said to be very cute and charming.
by Dg_Lvvr January 06, 2009
A Person of Unidentifiable Gender; pretty much those she-men you see walking down the street in baggy clothes and if you have to converse with them you avoid using geneder specific pronouns to avoid embaressment.
Speaker A: Hey, look at that dude coming up the street!
Speaker B: No way man, thats a chick.
Speaker A: PUG!
Speaker B: Good call.
by Ben le renard July 10, 2006
A pig that goes undercover as a dog. Pugs strongly resemble swine when you consider their smashed in faces, curled tails, loaf shaped bodies, and excessive snorting. Pugs are adored by many due to the "it's so ugly that its cute" effect. Pugs are affectionate creatures, but this is due to their lack of intelligence. Their brains are not complex enough to exhibit discretion, therefore they are known as extremely affection creatures who will jump and hump on anything that moves. Annoying dogs.
My friend has a pug, and one time it took a poo on the coffee table in the living room! (No joke.)
by JukeJointJezebel April 19, 2008

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