a custard munchin crack showin tub of lard
holy fuck wheres my custard gone?
by josh sherrin October 29, 2003
to pug is to fuck
kyle, please pug me.
by pugpugpug September 20, 2009
a "pug" is a unit of measurement that correlates to booze. it's a good way to make it sound like you drink a lot. also inter-changable with "slug"
tyler: "how you feelin' dude?"
adam: "fuck dude, i just took 3 pugs of whiskey"
by mountainOG May 17, 2008
derisive term for Republican, from repug, which is short for repugnant. Used on message boards.
"Pugs up in arms over Pelosi's speech"
by ceanothus April 18, 2005
A UK slang term for the French made car manufacturer Peugeot.
by n€o October 29, 2003
What is in chinese food.
When my son Skippy burped up something that smelled like ass. NASTY ASS.. I asked him what crawled in his mouth and died? He replied 'I had chinese today'. I replied you had pug today.
by holly palmer November 29, 2007
Cheifly British, slang term for Peugeot, especially small crap ones.
Yo, come check out me new Pug 106!
by coolfish265 September 07, 2006

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