A girl with a face that resembles that of a pug.
I got off with a pug last night...
She's such a pug....
by hayley charles August 16, 2011
a guy that look cute from far away (like a pug) but then you realize that he is ugly up close.
"damn look at him hes cute!"
(walks closer)
"ew never mind hes such a pug!!!"
by two cool bitchessss. October 29, 2011
Pronounced pug, like the small dog. Stands for "poor unsuspecting girl".
1. "Dude i went up to manhattan last weekend, and totally smashed out on a PUG!"

2. "I feel bad for that PUG. She probably can't walk right today."

3. "I feel better having unloaded on that PUG last night."
by mcbaki87 January 16, 2011
Pronounced (puhg) (rhymes with mug)

The squeezing or flexing of inner pussy muscle with a penis inserted causing the sensation of a tight hug around the penis. Often felt more distinctively when not in motion related to sex or sitting still.
a. My wife pugged me several times last night after sex.

b. We laid there and pugged a few times and then went crazy.
by Homer14 June 27, 2011
guy to steals first kisses and acts prude. A jerk that doesnt deserve to have an amazing girlfriend
girl 1: ugh, that guy's a pug

girl 2: i know he doesn't deserve you
by howcouldyoubeeeeeeeeeee? August 30, 2010
Started by the Cocky Diddy kong mainer "Japan" on the Awesome Allisbrawl.com site started by the owner "nealdt", the term "P.U.G" has a variety of meanings on the interwebz mainly in the Smasher bros. community:

prett ugly gay
pretty ugly guy
pretty ugly girl
non fiction

P.U.G is a term used in the Smash bros community, usually to describes a n00by bragger or a person who goes around bragging stating that he or she rapes pro player's Alt. Characters on Wifi mostly in 1v1s or FFA's and or Coin matches with Items on high, in a game universally knowned as "Super Smasher bros. Brawl"
Person 1: LOLOLOLOL!!!1!!
Person 2: Dude, what is it?
Person 3: yeah dude, what?
Person 1: I totally just 2 stocked and beat Samboner's Yoshi in a FFA today!! ROFLOLOLOLOLOL!!
Person 2: and? o_O?
Person 3: Sam dosn't use Yoshi at all n00b -__-
Person 1: so what? I still beat him! :D
Person 2 & 3: Samboner sandbagged you ROFL! XD, your a P.U.G! :P, No johnz get rape
Person 1: T_T
by Japan0wnedYou May 10, 2009
PUG-Pop Up Group
used to World of Warcraft for a group of people who aren't in your guild wit a goal to make it through a dungen or raid
I want to run Naxx but there aren't enough people on, I'll have to pug it.
by ProtWarrior March 20, 2009
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