To drink liquid (usually beer) in an exceptionally fast manner. Used mainly in the greater Boise area.
pug that beer brehhh, we gotta go!
by Tha boi boi 4 real November 17, 2010
cutest thing that ever lived and womans best paper weight
my pug is a really lazy bum and always follows my mom and wont hurt a fly because shes afraid of it she is so lazy we call here poop
by pugsrawesome May 01, 2009
Modern day urban swine, genetic canine fuckups. Their facial features often resemble their owners and their IQ is generally 3-4 times higher.
Every time I look over the fence, I simply cannot tell the difference between the neighbours and their pugs.
by wackjob 46 February 11, 2014
Code word for hot guy, to be used in front of clueless hot guy to your friend, so they can inspect said hot guy and decide for themselves whether he is indeed a pug or not.
"Becky, pug."
*looks at hot guy next to her reading a book*
Becky: "Oh, yeah. Total pug."
by Stez April 11, 2013
Derogatory. A term for a republican. A shortening of the term "repugnican."
This one time, at band camp, I ran into an embarrassment of 'pugs, and they were saying something really stupid again, like "the French have no word for entrepreneur."
by Bishop Henley October 09, 2009
Something (or someone) that should be considered ugly, but is cute in that way that you can't help but be attracted way. This is mostly a matter of opinion, something may be pug to one person but not to another.

Note: this is not to be mistaken with "love at first sight."
Girl one: "David is... well, it's hard to explain... he's not what others would consider sexy he's just... I mean, he's sexy to me. Ya know?"
Girl two: "He's a pug?"
Girl one: "Yeah! He's a pug, and he, of course, doesn't even look at me..."
Girl two: "Don't worry, he will one day!"
by airwolf1414 July 29, 2011
A fuckin' ugly dog with a stupid face that costs a shitton and manages to be cute at the same time. Also, their EYES CAN POP OUT.
"Hey man, I just bought myself a pug"
"You stupid fuck! You could have bought a metric ass ton of pot with that money!"
by Joey935 April 07, 2015
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