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The sound you make when you spit hairs out of your mouth.
I forgot to shave my down stairs this morning so she was pth'ing the rest of the day.
by E-bag April 20, 2009
Obviously a shorter word meaning pathetic.
Rachel couldn't even finish her kids meal. Dude, That's pth!"
by Told Ya!!!!!! December 19, 2009
Means pathetic or the sound you make when you hear osmething pathetic.
1. "pth, that's so stupid"
2. "pth, you're the one who's being such a retard"
by Keroro Gowadera July 23, 2008
Prime Tanning Hours. The hours between 10 am - 2 pm where you are either likely to get a scorching burn or an amazing tan.
Maud: "Britney, I'm so pale."
Britney: "Maud, you obvi haven't been working hard enough to get to the pool at PTH this summer."
by Clare Johnson June 06, 2007
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