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Pt tnt: is a code word used via text for "party tonight". Pronounced "pt tonight" or "pt t.n.t" It specifically indicates the annunciation of a social gathering known as a "bender". It originates from the mouth of a discordian man who lives in Georgetown Ontario.

Variations include:
1. Pt tnt. (party tonight)
2. Pt tnt!!! (a wicked party tonight)
3. Pt tnt?! (asking for a party tonight)
4. Pt tmnt (stating that there is a party tomorrow night or party teenage mutant ninja turtles)
Example 1
Doug: Pt tnt!!!
Aly: Siiiiick! Text me addy.

Example 2
Austin: Pt tnt?!
Doug: Yo, I'll text if I snag!
by dischordiansin January 22, 2013