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Noun. One that is insane, but that is also incredibly stupid.
"Dude, my roommate is a complete psychotard. She's a slut, but she thinks that herpes can't be spread."
by AngryRoommate May 02, 2010
Symptoms include: Poor grammar; mild to violent mood swings; cheap horrible tattoos; stud piercing on the side of bottom lip; multiple children by different fathers; fanatical to minimal appreciation for Nickleback, Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, etc; having a vagina
If you're going to date online, be sure to build a profile that will weed out the psychotards.
by 1badmamajama December 01, 2013
A sick person who invades social networking sites and attempts to make others as miserable as he or she is by typing atrociously nasty statements.
The psychotard entered the chatroom and typed "All the women in here deserve to be beaten and gang raped"
by harleyheifer June 29, 2010
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