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1) Initially taking on a healthy interest in something of current public interest (may or may not be positive), and progressively becoming psychotically fixated on the issue to the point of committing mass lethal, and anti-social acts as a means for change. Extremely similar to the standard psychotic individual, but with a more specific means to their mental state.

2)In more casual usage: One who is too overbearing and obnoxious about their interests, and constantly expresses their superiority because of it.
1) The Joker from the Batman series (With the former businessman back story)

2)Extremist Anti-Abortionists

3)Some religious sects who use pyrotechnics and exploit both their own and other peoples lives to glorify their cause.

Example use in a sentence:

Psychofanatic: "Hey, hey, hey, you! New guy! I see that you have a Metallica T-shirt!"

Person 1: "Uh... Hell yeah man they're sick!"

Psychofanatic: "Haha you still listen to Metallica? Bow down before Prog-Metal! for there is no comparison to this true art of epicness! If you walk around with that on, you might as well die in a hole...!"

Person 1: "Shit... This guy isn't the first today... is this a school for psychofanaticism or something?" e_e
by Axtonion April 30, 2014
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