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A deranged killer who murders without any remorse. The type of person that would kill someone for not being polite. Symptoms may include delusions of grandeur. Dr. David Byrne has theorized that the source of this extremely hostile behavior is the psycho killer's bed being on fire, resulting in loss of sleep.
That psycho killer just dumped drain cleaner on that rude guy.
by Kaptain Klown April 28, 2008
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A killer with a rather psycho behaviour. No planning or structure in the actual killing. Mostly they look just like you and I, but are deeply disturbed.
Police: The killer stabbed his victim three times in the chest and then polished the victim´s shoes!
Journalist: So you confirm he´s a psychokiller?
by Roffe May 16, 2003
A psycho killer gets into the minds of his victims, such as Manson and gets them to kill or kill themselves.
I heard Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin in my head on the bus after Ian asked me while he put his finger in his mouth whether he should do it. I told him no and that I had to leave. I got to the sidewalk and heard "bang", boof. The first shot was the wall. He was influenced to think it was his idea by a psycho killer He thought it would hurt a lot... I guess not. MGMT "Kids".

West Virginia Tech/Aurora Movie Theater/Grey Hound Bus decapitation etc, etc, etc.
by Captain ProMe August 14, 2012

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