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Usually a female in gender, who after taking on your "hose" one or more times in any orphus of her body becomes, obsessive, psychotic, and tempermental.
"Morgan was cool to hang out with but after she sucked my dick and we fucked whe turned into a Psycho Hose Beast"
by Jojo! May 19, 2008
a women is considered a Pycho Hoes Beast if and only if she is

1. psychotic, stalker or plain crazy
2. Repulsive, scary or very ugly
3. beastly, fat or "quite thick"
i was eating at Pizza Hut, and Psycho Hoes Beast show up.... WHY
by Cyberpunkspike February 14, 2003
An manly beached-whale sized female or something of that sort, equipped with blowholes, penises, vaginas, and eats fetuses!
Whoa dude! I boinged a Psycho Hose Beast. Her 23 penises were slapping me on the face.
by Haywood Jeblomi November 16, 2003