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Psychic ability, psychic connection, experiences of extraordinary feeling, euphoria, or beyond the five senses, mental telepathy. Possibly started by or within the band, The Monkees.
From <i>Mijacogeo</i>:

"Mental telepathy!" Michael says.

"Yeah!" Micky says.

"Oh, you mean that psychedelic stuff...?" Davy asks.

"You know," Michael says, "All the groups are doing it, psycho-jello!"
by SexxxySleepyJean July 13, 2004

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A phrase that was used by The Monkees and their friends in the 1960s to describe the establishment's use of hippie slang to sell products and be hip
"What....are you kidding me? Psycho Jello."
by Meghan July 12, 2004
MonkeeRaider slang for psychedelic, pertaining to the effects of lysergic acid dythelemide, and similar hallucination-producing drugs.
I see the colors of the notes he is playing, far-heavy and psycho-jello!
by vic July 15, 2004