This is a view that is held by many women that a man should be able to mind read their girlfriends thoughts. This is a major cause of many arguments between couples, because a woman often thinks she should shouldn't have to say anything and her boyfriend should just be able to understand her emotions or problems.
(Boyfriend) Where would you like to go tonight? (Girlfriend) The movies would be fun. (Boyfriend) What would you like to see? (Girlfriend) Let's see The Goonies. (Boyfriend) So how did you like the movie? (Girlfriend) Why did we have to see The Goonies? (Boyfriend) That's what you said you wanted to see! (Girlfriend) You should have known I didn't want to see some kids movie, I wanted to see something romantic. (Boyfriend) Then why didn't you say that before? (Girlfriend) I shouldn't have to, your my boyfriend, you should know by now what I want to see. (Boyfriend) I'm not a Psychic Boyfriend you know! So I guess were going to fight about this right? (Girlfriend) Ohh yeah!
by Russell Sheppard March 06, 2008
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