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A word you can say to blow off or show disregard for something someone just said.
Person 1: I am so good at videogames.
Person 2:PSHT!! you suck
by Jeff Engelmann February 21, 2006
A word meaning to tell someone to either shut up or get lost. Often said to people like Jas and Charlie Janiszewski. YEA YOU TWO..DONT STEAL MY WORDS!!!
"tell me what you said to your mate just then"
"psht, i dont have to tell you anything"
by Robert Shaw July 06, 2004
An interjection used to remind another of the obviousness of what should be done.
LO: What else to do while waiting for code to compile?
CA: Psht! Listening to the Tranceformers YT channel...
by Langdon Olger July 30, 2015
Agreeing with something said because you cant think of anything else to submit your witts to that person because you know they are completely right! = P
I love you more.
So you agree then
by alkjfa February 11, 2008
when not mumbling, a sound that one makes when engaged in normal talk
and thn...a com...ut can't tell... psht, I just told her wassup.
by thehotshxt December 14, 2007
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