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1. Slang term referring to the character played by Vincent D'onoffrio in the movie "Full Metal Jacket" who appeared to be slow, dim witted and an all around 'tard!

2. Slang term utilizing definition 1 to refer to a co-worker who looks like the movie character and/or possible serial murderer!

3. Individual referred to in definition 2 who initialized the phrase "Bouquet of Cock"!
Guy1: "Holy shit! WTF is wrong w/ that guy?"

Guy2: "Ya, no kidding! He really looks like Prvt. Pyle! And just about as stupid too!"


Guy1: "Why are there events still on the board from night shift!?!?"

Guy2: "Probably cuz Pyle was too busy watching hentai porn all night!"
by nvaguy3135 September 04, 2010
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