1. A country that led the German Unification and merged with the other German states to become Imperial Germany, existed as a German state until dissolution after WW2, famed for its militarism.
2. A Baltic region in Europe inhabited first by the Old Prussians (Baltic Prussians), then germanized by the Teutonic Knights and part of Prussia, then later given to Poland and Russia after WW2.
3. A character from Hetalia, often given the human name of Gilbert Beilschmidt. He has reddish-violet eyes and is naturally towheaded (with platinum blond hair). He is commonly thought to be albino, but he is not, as his skin is not significantly pale, he doesn't have vision problems that occur with albinism, and the fact that many countries also have reddish eyes (Romania) or platinum blond hair (Iceland). In fanworks, Prussia is usually the seme in ships, despite the fact that he is uncomfortable with romance and spent his life avoiding marriages. His laugh sounds like "kesese". He is very awesome, and often calls himself awesome. He secretly has a strict and methodical side. There are many theories on why he is still alive such as: he is East Germany, he is Brandenburg, he is Kaliningrad (Königsberg), he is the modern day Teutonic Knights, he and Germany both represent Germany, etc.
Usage 1: The position of Prussia in Germany will not be determined by its liberalism, but by its power. ...Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided, ... but by iron and blood. -Bismarck, Minister President of Prussia

Usage 2:
Person 1: I'm Prussian! My ancestors came from Prussia!
Person 2: Are you referring to the Baltic Prussia or German Prussia?

Usage 3: (In a poorly written fanfic)
Prussia: Kesese! I'm so awesome.

Canada: I love maple syrup and pancakes.
Prussia: I love you.
Canada: You can see me?
Prussia: Of course the awesome me can see you. I WANT TO SEIZE YOUR VITAL REGIONS!
by sealandreich October 24, 2016
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as well as being a kingdom west of russia, It is also a city in gamhenge.
The lizards are from Prussia.
by Zebra Bandero April 25, 2004
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The most awesome of all the people in the world!
Prussia? You mean the king of awesome?
by Just an average trashcan December 10, 2016
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prussia was an independent state from 1701...but it is actually russia with a 'P' added in the front.
by VanessaLLLLL December 13, 2005
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(Standard and Historical usage) A kingdom that lead the German unification, existed as the Free State of Prussia until the Nazis disbanded it de facto (1930's) and the Allies abolished it de jure (post WWII). Prussia was gamed for its militarism and was the powerhouse of Imperial Germany.

(Usage by Hetalia fans) A character representing Prussia and later East Germany (despite being historically inaccurate). Seen as albino despite his lack of most symptoms appearing in people affected by albinism (severe eye/vision problems), and other nations like Iceland are also towheaded (naturally having platinum blond hair) or having red eyes like Romania. Friends with France (very historically inaccurate, ever heard of the Franco-Prussian War or the fights over Alsace?) and Spain, and a rival of Austria. Uses the word "awesome" frequently. His laugh sounds like "kesesese."
(Standard/Historical usage) Otto von Bismarck, Prime Minister of Prussia, was right about WWI. Europe was a powder keg, and what would set it off? Some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.

(Hetalia usage) Prussia is so awesome, he will seize (character that the fan ships Prussia with)'s vital regions! Kesesese!
by ladonienrike May 16, 2017
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