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Prunescape is a total rip off of the rubbish game Runnyscape- sorry, Runescape. The game involves catching prunes but avoiding flying water droplets. It is the ultimate game and will be on the net soon!
adj; 1. to dis runescape.
E.G: Runscape is pants.
noun; 2. a game involving the capture of prunes.
by The EVO masta March 11, 2005
A version of RuneScape produced by Jagex, in which everything is made of either prunes or figs. Visit the PruneScape Wiki for details. To find it, simply search for "UnRuneScape" on a search engine.
Welcome Message: Welcome to PruneScape.
Prune1: Selling Prune prune 400Prunes.
Prune2: Prune.
by Pighouse December 13, 2008
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