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v. to trim one's genital area (prune + pube)

n. someone who objects to clothing that reveals hair in the genital area (prude + pube)
v. I walked into the bathroom and he was prubing his bush!

n. I would have worn my jeans lower, but my grandmother is a real prube - lol4realz.
by Anthony Sheppard November 06, 2010
A cross between a pube and a prune.
Someone who is a bit idiotic. (Y)
Rob is a prube. He really, really is.
by Molly Rose May 26, 2008
Thick, shit-covered pubes found in or near the anal opening. (referring to how prunes make you shit a lot, thus the term: pubes+prunes=prubes)
You should probably wash those prubes, man. They're so covered with shit that they're starting to smell.
by Paradichlorobenzene December 29, 2011
A mole on someone's face with thick black hair's growing out of it
Look at Kim's face! Its got a huge prube right below her eyebrow!
by Aaron Abke January 22, 2005
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