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Man of doubious sexuality, but we love him all the same. Famous for "interesting" hairstyles, love of conformity and watching kid's movies. Always has a cigarette to share.

See also, girl, girly man
Stop being such a Proudy! (When behaving like a girly man)
by Joci February 06, 2005
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A Proudy is someone who has situations were they can not cope alone with the opposite sex.
Mainly male. With blonde hair.
Man you're such a Proudy these days.
by Spazzy Mcloven June 01, 2010
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A person who is passionate and outgoing will be able to ruin or make someone's day. Someone who is beautiful with a hint of mysterious. No matter how hard you will get to know a proudy you will find more and more and never ending secrets will come, this person is someone that needs to be protected but is protecting themselves so strong no one can bother. This person is very attractive to the opposite sex and is very elegant

"You're looking very proudy today"
Someone with much confidence and is thinks superior of everyone but wins over every judgement anyway
" You are very Proudy today".
by Lovelocks September 29, 2014
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