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The label a U.S. citizen (usually a white male) who has no skills applicable to society, nothing particularly interesting about themselves, and very little knowledge regarding anything outside of NASCAR usually gives themselves to compensate for the individuality they lack.
A man or woman who has fought for this country.
Woman- "Tell me about yourself."
Man- "I'm a proud American!"
Woman- "Oh. You have any skills?"
Man- "You have any beer?"
by Devtar February 29, 2012
1. One who loves fast food, 200 lbs. toddlers, and road rage.

2. One who loves fireworks, beer, shotguns, and trailer parks.

3. Any combination of 1 and 2.
1. A proud American went to McDonalds.
2. The proud American walked out of his double-wide and shot some beer cans off his fence from his pick-up.
3. A proud American couple took their obese child to McDonalds, putting him in the bed to level the weight out.
by Cynical Douche Bag June 25, 2011
An american that is proud that he/she is from america.
If canada is so much better than america then why does your country have less economic growth than california?
by loca July 03, 2004
a person who lives in america who loves their country who are willing to fight for it and willing to die for it
john got the shit kicked out of him by a proud american for his anti american preaching
by Joe April 27, 2004
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