a male prostitute. Famous in Europe.
Word used often in "Deuce Bigalo: European Jiggalo"
The prostidude down the street charges the same for a Turkish Sno-Cone and a Portugeese Breakfast.
G-Dub is a prostidude.
by R. Gibbs February 06, 2007
Top Definition
Male prostitue; man whore; male slut; gigolo.
The numbers of prostidudes these days are rising rapidly.
by AuntieTATA August 23, 2005
Tha term used 4 a man whore.
Dat he-bitch Duece Biglalow'z a muhhfukkin prostidude.
by G-gro August 13, 2005
1) A male who solicits sex for money, especially such as skater or punk type men or boys.

2) An extremely butch woman who is transgendered to be male who solicites sex for money is also a prostidude.
Dan is such a prostidude.

How many prostidudes are there on barton street?
by Boobert May 27, 2005
A male prostitute.
Damn honey, imma get myself one of those prostidudes for the bachelorette party.
by URBAD June 03, 2015
a promiscuous male. a man whore.
"My God, will you stop acting like a prostidude?"
by Shizibonkers November 24, 2012
Tha term use 4 a man whore.
Dat he bitch Duece Biglalowz a muhhfukkin prostidude.
by G-gro August 13, 2005
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