Now, not all whores are prostiwhores, but all prostiwhores are indeed whores. As well not all prostitutes are prostiwhores, but all prostiwhores are indeed prostitutes.

That being said, the prostiwhore is a completely separate entity that stems from being both whore, and prostitute. A whore will sleep with anyone, a prostitute will sleep with anyone that pays. BUT a prostiwhore WILL sleep with anyone PROVIDED you buy them a couple of drinks, dinners, or a slurpee at the nearest 7-11.
Prostiwhore - Any girl you have ever dated........... and quite possibly your wife, if applicable...... but definitely your ex-wife.... no wait... she is just a whore
by Absolutelythemostwisemanever August 04, 2010
It is the combination of a whore and a prostitute. Basically you sell you body, but instead of money, you get presents. Also you are not required to have sex, just be a whore. You dress in whorish clothes, not prostitute clothes. You also lack a pimp. Also the prostiwhore does not do drugs.
I love my prostiwhore.
by MaryJane411223 October 02, 2006
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