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(N.) The renaissance of culture and technology of the late 19th - mid 20th century, followed by "Prostalgia" or "Prostalgics". This culture movement is infused with modern day accommodations, and is based in the Baltimore, MD/Washington DC area, (which are major Hipster hot spots) and this movement is the classier brother of the hipster movement.

How to spot a prostalgic person;
What music they like, what they wear, and they're overall appearance tend to be that of your grandmother/father when they were young. These people tend to be confused with Hipsters, however, prostalgic people tend to uphold old values and ways of life, only using modern luxuries when strictly necessary. Prostalgic people also are connoisseurs of class, whereas hipsters have modern lifestyles infused with only a small bit of old world items.

Pure breakdown of prostalgic people to average people;

Avg. Person - 90% modern, 10% vintage
Hipsters - 80% modern, 15% vintage, 5% Starbucks
Prostalgics - +70% vintage, 30% modern

Here is an example of a Prostalgic being recognized at a cafe;
"Hey, is that a hipster over there at that cafe?" She asked.
"No, he's just prostalgia." He said.
"How do you know?"
"He's using a typewriter instead of a computer, see."
by ThatVintageGuy December 15, 2013
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