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Sex involving props. Not sex WITH them, just involving them some how! Must be inanimate objects only (no people, animals, amoebas).
Choose 3 random objects before you start, or for even more fun ask someone for 3 random objects without telling them what it's for ;)
Ideas: buckets, pegs, wooden spoons, litter pickers, elastic bands, springs, remote controls, barbie dolls,paint brushes, skipping rope, catalogues, watering creative!
Heather: God, my sex life is getting boring!
Miranda: hmmm, have you tried PROPSEX!?
Heather: you mean proper sex, well of course!
Miranda: No, I mean sex with props!
Heather: Sounds what?
Miranda: Weeeell whatever, I've heard teapots work pretty well *whistles*
by Kinkymouse November 12, 2008
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