Prock is a shorter version of the verb "procrastinate". It is used to describe you're situation when you're procrastinating - because when you are procrastinating, you're usually too lazy to say the word "procrastinating".
I've been procking all day... I got nothing done
by Almog August 13, 2006
Top Definition
A mix of the words prick and cock.
That was a prock move.
by dat5478 July 27, 2010
an insult commonly used by drunk russians with no meaningful purpose. The one using this insult may be displaying how uneducated they are.
1. Go get me a beer you prock.

2. How about you go prock yourself.

3. I've met a million dicks, but until this moment never a prock.
by Thegodchild January 11, 2011
Pop rock. The music that is not rock neither pop, but a mixture of both genres.
Is too pop to be rock, but too rock to be pop, it's prock.
by etanercept March 26, 2013
1. an unbreakable man

2. a person with incredible abilities

3. a god-like person
The prock won 5 gold medals in the olympics
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
This word is defined as the combination between "prick" and "cock." Prock is used to describe MEGA assholes. Usually someone would just use "prick" or "cock" to describe a person but if you're really feeling fancy, use prock! It is definitely a stronger word and anyone who is called a prock will instantaneously cry on the spot. Most procks have watched Les Mis or the Notebook which basically sums it up right there. Procks think they're really cool but the truth is, they're not. Prock can be used as a noun or an adverb.
Use prock as a noun: "Hahaha, I am such a prock today. I love it."


Use prock as an adverb: "That douche bag is acting very prockly today."
by JessieCray27 October 17, 2013
(n.) A testicle viewed through the leg of a man's shorts, such view usually occurring when the man is seated.

(v.) The act of displaying a testicle through the bottom of your shorts.
There were so many men sitting on the lawn, the lawn was dotted with procks.

Richard's shorts were so short that I could see his prock.

John procked me while he was doing his leg lifts.

by Elizabeth Taylor June 09, 2008
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