for all you people out there who think that private schools are full of pompus, snobby, rich, 'Fuck-ups'. your wrong and don't dare say that us public/private school students are blinkered and norrow minded because everybody who says this is narrow minded them selves!
and for you information there are 2 asian people, 2 black people and 3 chinese people in my class so no, private school is not racially un aceptive.
and so maybe i am a pretty boy but if you knew me instead of just looking at me just as if you got to know the rest of my 'snobby,stuck up' freinds you would be surprised!
people are often very apprehensive to judge people who go to public schools
eg: state school pupil .."hey look at that pompus pratt over there, he definately goes 2 a private school"
private school boy.."hey look over there some people that don't even know us as people!"
by jake sherwin November 11, 2007
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A highly successful business that guarantees parents their child will have a 1% advantage to get into a top college then public school students.
Teacher "Here at St. Luther our main goal is education"

Parent "Cut the bull I paid this Private School 10,000$ last year is my boy going to get into Harvard?"

by bob656 May 18, 2007
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A school in which kids pay to attend. Contrary to popular or incorrect belief, the kids that go there are not all preps or rich kids that buy their way through life and get everything they want. Not all of them have mansions or are snobby assholes. A good majority of them are friendly, down to earth people. The good thing about the environment they see everyday in school is that it doesn't give them the tendency to yell swears in public and have no consideration for others.

The kids that go there know what its like to not have a lot of money. Sometimes the school facilities are pretty outdated and lousy. Their parents do not have that much money, but they know that the tuition for private school is so worth making their kids into decent people.

Kids that go to these schools speak and type with proper grammar: they sound intelligible. They don't write sentences like this: "i don give a fck what you thnk cuz your such a faggot."

A lot of times they can carry a decent conversation. They have good arguments for ideas and issues, and actually know what important ideas and issues are.
Recently I went to a public event down the street and there were so many idiots and jerks there, that I could have bet a lot of money they hadn't ever gone to a private school.
by Epona February 10, 2007
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A private school is a system which creates a two tier standard of education which perpetuates the gulf between the have and have nots.

Private schools are meant to promote choice, choice for whom? The wealthy few and the token scholarship students who end up being excluded by the snobby rich kids and developing inferiority complex.

I doubt very much whether private school kids have gone through the same experiences as comprehensive school kids. Do private school kids have to worry about money and whether they can afford to go to uni? No because daddy can pay for all that and even use their contacts to get them into the top jobs. Or to put it another way, at the very least they have one less major headache to worry about. Their biggest problem in life is probably being able to navigate their way from the west wing of their mansion to their east wing.

Despite a greater emphasis placed upon equality by the government, the old school tie network is still very much alive and kicking, which creates a cycle which repeats itself from generation to generation. Rather than equality, meritocracy, and greater opportunities for all, private school stand for inequality and benefiting the select few who were fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy family.
Just ask yourself one question?
Why do so many people go from top private school's to top universities and eventually into top jobs rather than working there way to the top? Is it because private school's offer a better standard of education? or is it the ability of rich parents to buy their kids education through the amount of money they spend, thus making damn sure there getting a return.
by Mig* November 17, 2006
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A school which rich kids attend who dont understand the value of money and which daddy gives everything to them on a plate and who believe they are intellectually superior to anybody else.

People who attend private schools are unlikely to come across many ethnic minorities or persons of a lower social class either at school or from the area they live in.

Tend to get ahead in life because of the family they were born into and life chances rather than because of merit.
employer: which school did you go to?
employee: I went to a top private school?
employer: your hired.
by mig* September 23, 2006
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A school, for kid's with good parents who dont want their kids to grow up living on the streets in new york city. we dont go there only because we can afford it. we just dont wanna have to deal with drama, and other public school useless stuff. we arent mean to eachother, and we arent all white. so shut up if you say anything else about it
Public school kid: ewh you catholic school rich bitch!
Private school kid: shut up, we just have better parents then you!
by Renee June 14, 2006
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Ok look. I went from a public to private school. There are so many reasons why its better... I am getting a much better education that I ever did at public school, and its smaller. We have every class every day. I learn a lot more. And all of you guys can say whatever you want, but there is not ONE KID at my school who is as stuck up as anyone I have ever met at my public school... They're nicer... Honestly. We'll do better in the long run :P
Public school kid- "WTF like why does she go to like to private school?!?!?!?omg NERD.."
Private school kids friend- "Wow you need a life...for one she can go without saying 'like' for one sentence..."
by me and ma awesome life February 09, 2012
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