An institute where they brainwash you without you knowing it. These so called 'schools' have been known to take children in at a young and innocent age, and then send them back into the world later thinking they're riduclously better then everyone else around them. Private schools have also been described as an institute for Cults, as well as being well known for sucking young children and teenagers souls. Also known as gateway to Hell.
My parents must hate me, they're sending me to one of the private schools.
by Sparx8282 September 17, 2009
In the UK, a private school is a school for which the pupils must pay to attend. They are usually home to snobby, stuck up kids with a supiriority complex, even though tuition in such establishments is not much better than in the free alternative.
Very prestigous private schools are known as public schools.
The Art's Educational Secondary School in london is a private school, and Eton is a public school.

A pupil at a private school is known as a private schoolboy/girl, and a at a public school is known as a public schoolboy/girl.

A free school in the UK is known as a state school.
by Blasds July 27, 2006
A school which rich kids attend who dont understand the value of money and which daddy gives everything to them on a plate and who believe they are intellectually superior to anybody else.

People who attend private schools are unlikely to come across many ethnic minorities or persons of a lower social class either at school or from the area they live in.

Tend to get ahead in life because of the family they were born into and life chances rather than because of merit.
employer: which school did you go to?
employee: I went to a top private school?
employer: your hired.
by mig* September 23, 2006
I'm not going to ignorantly insult private schools in the U.S.A however I truly believe they are not as good as public.

- It costs money to get in, one idiot wrote a definition and said "Oh they are cheap like 20,000 - 125,000 dollars" news flash retard not everyone has that kind of money

- It stresses the point that money is EXTREMELY important and that nothing else matters

- Full of W.A.S.P's that look down on Blacks, Italians, Asians, and Hispanics.

- They are foreced to wear the same uniforms, conformity much?

- People that do have scollarships have to mantain an A+ average or they get kicked out, imagine hows stressfull that is

- They have a much smaller pouplation of the school, which means less oppertunities for making friends, having big parties, getting to know different people and means that gossip/drama is much greater because everyone knows everyone else's buissness.

- They are used to escape schools with minorities

- They think they are better
Private schools premote racisim, conformity, and ignorance.
*** I am not saying that everyone who goes there is a racist, conformist, and ignorant.
by Jersey Kid November 22, 2007
A school with usually alot of snob and is harder to get better grades in then public school...
Private Schooler- My GPA sucks.... (2.0)
Public Schooler- Really I hardly try (3.3)
by bored out of mind January 10, 2008
Schools that usually provide better education for it's students than most public schools. Admission requires money or scholarships or both; some schools require entrance examinations. Their curriculum is not mandated by the state.

rich white people like it because it's it's full of other rich white people and no minorities to scare them.
You attend private school
by mAGIK bUS April 17, 2005
A place where parents send their children because they either because want to waste money or because they think it'll be different from public school, although it isn't. Parents are such idiots.
Joel's going to a male only private school. What a faggot.
by Zoe Anne Chua Kaw February 23, 2008
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