for all you people out there who think that private schools are full of pompus, snobby, rich, 'Fuck-ups'. your wrong and don't dare say that us public/private school students are blinkered and norrow minded because everybody who says this is narrow minded them selves!
and for you information there are 2 asian people, 2 black people and 3 chinese people in my class so no, private school is not racially un aceptive.
and so maybe i am a pretty boy but if you knew me instead of just looking at me just as if you got to know the rest of my 'snobby,stuck up' freinds you would be surprised!
people are often very apprehensive to judge people who go to public schools
eg: state school pupil .."hey look at that pompus pratt over there, he definately goes 2 a private school"
private school boy.."hey look over there some people that don't even know us as people!"
by jake sherwin November 11, 2007
A highly successful business that guarantees parents their child will have a 1% advantage to get into a top college then public school students.
Teacher "Here at St. Luther our main goal is education"

Parent "Cut the bull I paid this Private School 10,000$ last year is my boy going to get into Harvard?"

by bob656 May 18, 2007
A school in which kids pay to attend. Contrary to popular or incorrect belief, the kids that go there are not all preps or rich kids that buy their way through life and get everything they want. Not all of them have mansions or are snobby assholes. A good majority of them are friendly, down to earth people. The good thing about the environment they see everyday in school is that it doesn't give them the tendency to yell swears in public and have no consideration for others.

The kids that go there know what its like to not have a lot of money. Sometimes the school facilities are pretty outdated and lousy. Their parents do not have that much money, but they know that the tuition for private school is so worth making their kids into decent people.

Kids that go to these schools speak and type with proper grammar: they sound intelligible. They don't write sentences like this: "i don give a fck what you thnk cuz your such a faggot."

A lot of times they can carry a decent conversation. They have good arguments for ideas and issues, and actually know what important ideas and issues are.
Recently I went to a public event down the street and there were so many idiots and jerks there, that I could have bet a lot of money they hadn't ever gone to a private school.
by Epona February 10, 2007
Ok look. I went from a public to private school. There are so many reasons why its better... I am getting a much better education that I ever did at public school, and its smaller. We have every class every day. I learn a lot more. And all of you guys can say whatever you want, but there is not ONE KID at my school who is as stuck up as anyone I have ever met at my public school... They're nicer... Honestly. We'll do better in the long run :P
Public school kid- "WTF like why does she go to like to private school?!?!?!?omg NERD.."
Private school kids friend- "Wow you need a life...for one she can go without saying 'like' for one sentence..."
by me and ma awesome life February 09, 2012
Private schools are for kids who, yes can afford to go there. But they're not snobby bitches. Just because some children can't afford to get in doesn't mean they have to be jealous and shitty. The kids from private schools can't help where they go, it's where life took them.
Catherine: I have hemroids.
Bill: I take it you need help.
Private school.
by Buttfuck001 May 11, 2010
A small little building full of white kids with "mommy and daddy" issues, where they keep the air conditioning way too freaking cold. Not as bad as everyone thinks it is, the kids are as messed up as in public schools, they just dress nicer.
The only difference between public school and private school is more expensive drugs
by ASDFGHKKCNSO24/7 October 21, 2013
A school that parents must pay for their children to attend. These schools are often part of a religious parish, but not always. If so, they will be called catholic or parochial schools, but if not, then a prep school. The tuition varies, from 10,000 to 2,000, but there are often breaks for parishioners and families with large children.

The kids are just about the same as public school kids. Private school kids often have stricter rules, and most wear uniforms. Nail polish, makeup, and hair dye are frowned upon, but it doesn't stop girls from making makeshift copies, often with whiteout. They curse, break things, get into fights, ect. They're are a few who believe that they are above everyone else for being in private school, but they are generally douchebags and you should ignore them.

Most schools have elementary and middle school together, and often only one or two homerooms, with about 40 kids in a single grade. Religion is a class in religious schools. For most, children of the parish who go to public school must go to sunday school there. They don't like private school kids for being prissy, and private school kids don't like these kids for destroying their desks.
I personally hate private school. Uniforms, religion class, rednecks, yuck! I can't wait to go to public school!
by crazysocks August 03, 2010

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