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Emasculated (male) Prius owner. Sensitive and sensible male who looks like a phallus yet most likely does not use his own. A man who has checked his manhood at the Toyota dealership.
Jon is a real Prinus, driving his hybrid car to the Greenpeace rally and thinking his exhaust don't stink.

by H. Blonde August 06, 2008
A person behind the wheel of a Prius driving like a dick (and don't they all?).
That guy is driving 70 in the right lane. Like he's running on electricity doing that. What a Prinus.
by pwears September 09, 2015
A man who purchases a small or compact car, usually a hybrid, that is secure with the size of his member.

(The opposite of a man buying an expensive, flashy or otherwise over-the-top vehicle to make up for a small penis)
Corey still drives his '02 hybrid, he must have a huge Prinus
by chiptune February 17, 2011
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