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A person who is both pretentious, and indie. Often irritating.
Prindie Kid: Would you like to go out sometime?

Girl: I'd love to!

Prindie Kid: I was thinking about renting a foreign film and making a tofu salad, or we could go for some fair trade coffee and look for the new Mew album!

Girl: Forget it...douche.
by Normal people January 28, 2008
A thing that is pre indie. It came before indie became a mainstream word, back when life was easy and not everyone had heard of The Kinks.
Two young men in a room, quietly sipping vintage rum whilst revelling in the calming breeze oozing through the window

1: Dude, I dunno if you heard of this way prindie band...

1 looks away in a way that suggested he had something to hide, a deep, powerful secret that would shatter both men's lives in an instant.

2: What are they called?

1 looks back, suddenly enthused to find 2 there before him, a man he had often seen but ever truly looked for. He kew he had found his love, his one true friend in life.

1: Oh, well that's what makes them prindie, I think they were too obscure to be remembered....
by Reggae Mother April 21, 2011