An elitist private school in New Jersey. Most of the students there think they are smarter and better than those that attend the more prominent and prestigious local public high school. Known for having excessive amounts of money and an almost entirely white student population.
Person A: Wow, I am just so much cooler than everyone else because my parents have enough money to send me to white-bread private school.

Person B: Wow, just because you go to Princeton Day School, does not make you any better than the rest of us. Actually, I was wondering, where are you going for college next year? I'm off to Princeton.

Person A: oh, well I'm going to Mercer County Community College unless my dad is able to pull some strings and get me into an Ivy League I don't really deserve to go to.
by 25xllama May 31, 2009
Top Definition
An excellent school that is very well known. It is the school of the preps. Everyone gets good grades and no one slacks, it is considered the best co-ed day school in New Jersey. Usually the kids that go there are disliked by the public schools.
PDS, preppy, educationally excellent, Princeton Day School is one of the best schools in the country.
by Rana1895 September 21, 2007
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