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PCS. a school full of nerds and just full blown fags. the teacher's suck. i wont say cause i want to keep it anonymous.

the lunches come from cox's. school lunches suck, but this takes it to a whole new level. a regular lunch ncludes shit covered in cum served with a side of cut up alien penis and a milk. the most ridiculous part of it all is that the lunch is $5. do yourself a favor, bring your own lunch.

the sports teams suck too. they dont even bother holding tryouts. anyone can play.

oh, and dont even get me started on field day. you know how field day is supposed to be competitive? well at pcs, there is no competitive aspect to field day. it's all about faggy teamwork and helping out those bitchy ass little kids. fuck them. no tug of war, no relays, no individual events. instead, we do activities like sack racing, run-out-to-a-plunger-spin-till-u-get-dizzy-and-run-back, and roll-a-ball-down-a-tube. they need to bring back old field day. it's not teamwork, it's all about competition - winning.

also, i just think it's hilarious how they do all these anti-bully workshops. for the duration of the workshops, people stop bullying. the workshop will end, and everyone will go back to calling each other dickhole, fuckface, or whatever the case may be.

fuck charter. some of the worst years of my life.
Princeton Charter School student: OMGZ00RZWANTZ2B3MYFRIENNDZ!?
JW student: Faggy Charter kid.
by IHATECHARTERSCHOOL September 10, 2010
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