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A pretty boy truck is a full-size pickup truck that was ordered with options such as leather seats, wood-grain dash trim, and the most chrome trim options available from the factory. A pretty-boy truck has a short bed and no hitch since the owner never has and never will do any work with it. They are usually four-wheel drive, but this is just so the owner can brag about having 4WD (the pretty boy owner will never take it off pavement for fear of getting it dirty). A pretty boy truck is often accented with fake chrome-colored trim accessories bought for a dollar apiece at Autozone, and many city people put 24 inch rims and lo-pros on it that give you a 100 foot turning radius and traction like roller-skates. 9 out of 10 times it is a Chevrolet, since they are already unsuited for work, and chances are also good that the owner is a raging douchebag. City douchebags like to lower the suspension beyond any utility, while country douchebags like to lift them beyond all utility.
Worker #1: "Hey, Joe, did you see Tyler's truck in the parking lot this morning?"

Worker #2: "Yeah. You know, it wouldn't look like such a pretty boy truck if it didn't have plastic chrome-colored door handle stickers, gas cap stickers, and the Fox sticker on the back window."
by IndependentForever November 02, 2009
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