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An individual with pretensions of adulthood and independence, who in actuality has their bills and lifestyle needs provided for primarily by their parent's resources. A person who cannot support their lifestyle on their own, but actively overlooks or minimizes the fact that their parents are providing for them, often through a long-distance monetary umbilical.
"I'm totally going to be making a trip out to Mexico soon, I'm gonna be living it large." -Unspoken is the detail that they are being taken by their parents as part of a family vacation.

-Any college student or beyond who has their rent paid by their parents, but ostentatiously complains about how 'tough' their situation is, as though they were the ones handling it.

-An average member of 'Generation Fail', who has been paid through college but failed utterly to be marginally independent, is often a pretendult.
by Skewaholic November 19, 2009
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