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When you can tell someone is retarded even before hearing them speak.
"That Pat bitch sure is pretarded"
by Ryan1998191 July 13, 2008
2 7
1) Often used when referring to a preteen retard.
2) Retarded in the future sense.
1) "Hank, I caught our son fucking the cat, he's most definitively a Pretard."
2) "We've done some tests and your soon-to-be born daughter is a pretarded. Condolences."
by Kong Nicolai auf Hai. March 18, 2004
3 12
Someone who is about to lose a fight.
The guy Ali is fighting is just some pretard.
by Poppy Guapo July 10, 2005
1 16
1. any rearded person whose name happens to be Peter
2. Anyone born retarded or just stupid
3. Pre–retarded
1. "Hey, he's pretty stupid." "I know he came out of his mother pretarded."
2. "His name is peter too, ohh then he must be a pretard."
by Jacques March 13, 2005
1 17