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A boy who usually has blonde hair, and amazing eyes. He is an undiscovered cute boy who is unbelievable in bed.
Girl: He was such a Preston in bed last night! I couldn't walk for days.
by Acer321 May 03, 2009
The cutest boy you ever saw. He holds your heart in the palm of his hands. He rests his head on your shoulder and you never want to let him go. He flashes his cute little smile at you and you just melt. He is more than you ever hoped for and you thank God every day for having him in your life.
My world is better because Preston is in it.
by Burly Boot February 09, 2010
some one who is better looking than you in every way and makes u so jealous u cry and masturbate in your room using the tears as lubricate to his awesomeness
guy1: man look at that preston

guy2: yea he reminds me of how ugly i actually am

guy1: im going to go and masturbate to his coolness

guy2: me too

girl1: i sucked his cock it was soo big it barley fitted in my mouth and vagina he is so sexy
by presto pie September 13, 2009
A sexy bad ass mother fucker with a fro and he skates, and he doesn't take shit from nobody.
Dude, Preston is so cool it makes my eyeballs fall through my brian and seep out of my ass crack
by tom larry April 08, 2008
wat is there to be sed about preston....well...hes a preston...wat else is there? a wonderful guy with eyes that make ur stomach swirl and a smile that just melts ur heart, he jokes about everything but knows wen to quit it and be serious (most of the time), his stomach is an endless blackhole sucking up anything but fruit and vegetables, he feels chubby but he has the good balance of muscle and fat, hes the perfect height and has INCREDIBLE lips!, preston will be the best kisser u ever have so once u find one...hold onto him,

prestons are the kinda guys u never wanna let go, he will hold ur hand and make u feel like the most important person...Preston Is Perfect.
girl 1: isnt she with preston??
girl 2: i wish i were her!! shes SO lucky!

that girl: i feel blessed...I Love Preston...hes mine! <3 =D :-*
preston: i will always love you baby! te amo mi novia <3
by germanchoclate<3 October 23, 2010
The best guy you will ever meet. He has dark brown hair and gorgeous eyes. You can barley stand a day without talking to him. Whenever your sad, he knows how to cheer you up. He gives you the best advice anyone could give you. He never lets you give up or break down. Being with him is the best chance you will ever get in life. Knowing he is there makes your heart beat a little faster and the butterflies stay a little longer. His smile makes your knees go weak. He has a smoking hot body. He has abs of steal. He's the one you want to be rocking on your front pourch with when your old. Holding your hand, and just knowing he is the one..<3
Girl: Oh damn, that boy is FINE

Alexandra: I know! Thats Preston alright.

Girl: You know him?

Alexandra: Yes..He's mine..<3

Girl: Your luck. I wish I had a Preston..
by Alexandra_Rose. August 01, 2011
A city in the north of england, the city's emblem is a pie skewered by a hammer and sickle to a loaf of bread. mainly populated by knuckleheads and lefties. Devastated by the actions of the trade unions in the second part of the 20th century and forever damned to an existence as a home for people with terrible political opinions. People from Preston consume exceptionally large amounts of bread, upwards of a loaf a day to make up for the mush inside their brains from years of being fed far left wing politics and also to soak up the grease from all the pies, gravy and fried food they eat. Another notable feature of Preston as a northern city is that everyone spends all day every day intoxicated on overly brown ale or bitter. Generally one to avoid unless you really need to stop for a wee, but make sure you wash anything of yours that touches anything from Preston.
'He's either a drunken carb loving communist or he's from Preston'
by Riicardo McRiicardo November 13, 2011
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