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Farts first thing in the morning that are high pressured, in high quantity and sometimes high pitched or squeeky. Often caused by your guts digesting overnight and disturbed by the sound of your alarm clock.
Getting ready for work in the morning and releasing the pressure from your bowel, "I've got a case of the pressure farts this morning"
by Bacon Coke Word May 30, 2013
1. uncontrollable flatulence produced by the onset of a full bladder.
2. when the pressure in your full bladder causes you to physically lose control of your farts.
Dude, quit stinking up the car!
Sorry man, I have to pee so bad that it's causing me to pressure fart.
by beechbum March 29, 2011
When put a large amount of strane on your body until you fart/shart
i had a pressure fart this morning, but sharted instead
by Max Donnanoodles August 12, 2016
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