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To Respect people before you get to really know them. It means that you Respect whatever people have to say, but don't necessarily agree with their points of view. If you "prespect", you should never act disrespectful towards others opinions, but you can discuss if they are correct...
Example #1: "I don' really know 'im, but I'm def-in-a-telly prespectful before dis meetin'."
Example #2: "I'm fulla prespect fo' Obama."
by JonyALB March 28, 2010
A combination of the words: Respect and Pretend. To pretend to respect someone or something. To show false respect, when in reality the person showing respect does not respect the subject.
I show a lot of prespect to Officer Smith whenever he is around, because I don't want him to realize I fucking hate him and think he is a useless waste of life, and then arrest me.
by Sean Kingsbury January 23, 2011