The 43rd President of the United States. He won election (he wasn't appointed) in November 2000 and won re-election (fair and square) in November of 2004 after withstanding one of the most brutal, viscous, and personal campaigns against one of the most liberal senators in our history.

Bush inherited a recession that resulted from the dotcom bubble bursting and Clinton raising taxes to "the wealthy", which means anyone who made more than $30,000 a year. His tax cuts provided needed investment in this country, and as a result our economy is growing at the strongest pace in the developed world, and home ownership is at an all time high, even with the poor and minorities.

Environmentalists criticize his policies as selling out to corporate interests, even though RFK Jr. blames Katrina on President Bush, RFK opposes the construction of a windfarm in Cape Cod, which would cut reliance on fossil fuels. They also oppose his actions to tap one of our largest reserves of oil, but also bitch when the trade defecit increases at the same time.

His War on Terror resulted from the horrific actions on September 11. The invasion of Afghanistan was done to remove the Taliban and Al Qaeda from that country. Discussions with Libya and Syria have resulted in movement towards democracy, as Libya has abandoned their WMD programs and Syria has withdrawn from Lebanon. The war in Iraq was done as a result of Hussein violating the terms of the cease fire enacted after he invaded Kuwait, and after Clinton signed the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, and after Hussein dicked around with weapons inspectors, and after Hussein bribed practically everyone in the UN, and after funding Palestinian terrorists, and after evidence surfaced which showed Iraq was pursuing WMD programs, then the USA took the bloodthirsty savage out of power. Critics of the war would rather have Hussein in power than the parliamentary government currently in power in Iraq, and when presented with the reasoning with the war his critics cover their ears and scream, "Nobody died when Clinton lied!" even though no evidence exists showing Bush ever lied.

Overall he is a good President. Due to the likes of Michael Moore, John Kerry, George Soros, and the Office of the President has been disrespected like never before, and Bush will be remembered as a good President by some and a complete idiot by others.
Only President Bush would remove Saddam Hussein from power; Clinton didn't have the balls to do it.
by wolfp10 December 28, 2005
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The US's biggest mistake.
Bush claimed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He was wrong!!! What a goof!!! He just wants oil so he can be rich!!!
by Gorak July 11, 2003
An imbecile. It's tragic that this man is the leader of the free world.
"I will say no in english, french and spanish, NO!"

"I will have a foreign handed foreign policy."
by ~* JESSICA *~ December 16, 2004
Greedy, neoconservative, unconscious, ignorant fascist who is pulling the wool over a lot of conservative leaning fools.
Man #1: President Bush is a greedy, lying asshole, huh?
Woman #1: Yup! f&*k him!
by El Muneco March 05, 2005
An idiotic leader who thinks he knows whats best for our country but really he only cares about oil and trying to finish what his father started a decade ago. A president who doesn't seem to care about the real issues of the nation. But only the things that make him look better, but in all reality make him look like a jack ass.
oh look its president bush.
alls president bush wants is oil.
does president bush even care about the people of this country?
by heather December 07, 2004
As of January 20, 2009, Former President Bush. Succeeded by President Obama
Don't let the door hit you on the way out Former President Bush!
by Bush is GONE! January 20, 2009
a president who's an idiot, but its not his fault. it runs in the family!
I gotta stay offa them pretzels.-president Bush
by Ben April 04, 2005
An offensive brute, a scoundrel, the lowest form of life. Possibly a label for the worst level of human living, worse then slavery. Nicknamed after the worst president of all time, or can be referring to that president. A jackass, a sexually depraved parasitic creature who feeds on the hopeless minds of adult america, an organism who would rather have oil then his country's love. Some call him a racist, but most look at him as something bigger, a fascist like the pope. Another use of this name is an error, or any thing described to the personification of the jackass himself
Damn he just pulled a president bush!
by Rastamaan March 07, 2008

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