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A small, thriving city located in north-central Arizona.
The town is nestled in a scenic valley at the northern edge of the vicious Bradshaw Mountains. The pine-clad mountains above town reach heights of nearly 8,000ft, however downtown Prescott rests at 5,400ft.
Prescott’s central downtown is built around an elm-shaded, traditional courthouse plaza complete with the historic Whiskey Row.

Slang terms the locals like to distribute are PTown, Biscuit and Skit

A friendly note to visitors:
Pronunciation: 'pres-k&t, -"kät
like biscuit or triscuit.
"I am looking to pick up an insane amount of healthy woman. I think I will head to the lovely city of Prescott, AZ?"
by Cosmo S. February 18, 2006
Prescott: A charmingly tiny town with breathtaking views...and that's about it. It's fun to visit, but I would not recommend living in this veritable hell-hole. The town rolls up the sidewalks at 9 pm: after this, you can go to Denny's, Whataburger, or Wal-Mart - the only 24-hour venues in town. The mall offers limited shopping; the restaurants offer scarce variety; and if you're looking for cultural diversity, it isn't here.

The education system is appalling, at best. The administration at the high school is essentially a dictatorship run by incompetent rubes with little to no wisdom or expertise.

There is absolutely nothing to do, with the exception of sex and drugs. Thus, the high pregnancy rate and rampant meth use.
Yes, the views are lovely and when I lived there, I enjoyed hiking in the Dells. But you can't go hiking every day, and the snow is annoying rather than beautiful when the snow plows take almost all day to get to your side of town because we only have a couple snow plows.

Also, the town is quickly filling up: property rates are soaring through the roof because there isn't enough housing for all the people. Traffic has become unbearable, and Prescott drivers and inimitably horrible.
"Prescott, AZ, a town that gets snow almost EVERY YEAR, sold all of the snow plowing equipment to Flagstaff a few years back."
by PirateGold July 01, 2006