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A very small college in Prescott, Arizona, that is centered on experiential education, liberal arts, the environment, and mostly privileged white people from New England to have an adventure out West, man.
"Hey Dad, I know I haven't really accomplished much else in the past 5 years other than getting really high in the woods and hiking around, but I think I want to extend that to my university education"

"What do you mean, son?"

"Well, there's this really cool college in the middle of Arizona called Prescott College that emphasizes adventure education and environmentalism, and specializes in dreadlocks and weed smoking. I think I want to go there and create my own bachelors degree."

"Wait, what about Bates College, where I went! I'm still on good terms with the President there and he's already assured me your acceptance."

"I know, Dad, but I don't really want to have to 'do' math and chemistry"

"Okay, your trust fund is transferable. Just don't get a Spanish girl pregnant!"

"Thanks, Dad, you're the best!"
by Poop-y in my pants May 27, 2011
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