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The Jedi Order according to the Chinese translation of Episode III: ROTS aka Backstroke of the West
"I was made by the Presbyterian Church" - Anakin Skywalker
by Koriand'r July 15, 2005
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the preservers of the faith of god that is all things preserved... ie born again ... mirical healing ... the list of all things preserved... they preserve also all humans rights to existance
the scots were the first of the presbyterian church and in doing so saved many an old warrior from the grim fate of death by giving them to there daughters to save and birth again by means of divine dynasterial rights
by angus macfarlane March 16, 2007
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massive liberal bureacracy, second in stuffiness only to the conservative wing of the roman catholic church.
i spoke in tongues in a presbyterian church once, and they kicked me out.
by oddkin April 29, 2005
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