a lesbian who has been impregnated via artificial insemenation
"Look at how big that referee is! She must be a presbo!"
#lesbo #pregnant #dyke #female #softball
by Pat McD May 02, 2007
Top Definition
Derogatory name for a follower of the presbyterian faith.
Those presbos are the frozen chosen.
#presbyterian #frozen chosen #calvinist #reformed #christian
by Oifaye August 20, 2011
A nickname for President Barack Obama (Pres. B.O.), generally used by people who can't face the fact that a black man has become president of the United States.
"By the time PresBO gets finished, everyone will be taxed so much that they'll have to go on welfare, and the middle class will be wiped out, and the only people who can eat will be the ones with guns! You'll have to join a gang to survive! All of this just because you liberals had to vote for that — that — that ..."
#obama #obamanation #president #obamania #barack
by bhmrob March 20, 2009
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