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A girl that is emo but dresses preppy to disguise herself to the common eye. The preppy emo girl can be deceiving in most circumstances but if you have emo radar you can pick her out of a crowd of emo kids.
"Dude..that girl looks preppy but she's so emo. She must be a preppy emo girl!"

"Stop crying preppy emo girl you might get your Jessica Simpson shoes wet."
by Brian Lanolin September 19, 2006
she is emo to get attention, like when she breaks up with her boyfriend or has fights with her best friend. she acts like she has been through the holocaust at home, but really when her parents fight they buy her concert tickets. she calls her best friends sisters and then asks her boyfriend (in front of her sisters) "can you divorce sisters?" *laughs*. then when she runs into the bathroom that night and cuts her leg! her freakin leg! then she blogs about cutting away the memories on myspace. prep preppy preppity prep!
rocks out to here in your arms by hellogoodbye, miserable at best by mayday parade && lullaby, by shawn mullins (the three songs on her ipod that she thinks are emo, but really are just pre 2005, except miserable at best, millenium-shock shit. she thinks she is emo but really is just a preppy emo girl.
by rundmciscrunk March 02, 2008