Hitting send on a text message before you finish typing the message.
Haley: What did you mean when you texted me "That sounds n"?

Michael: I meant "That sounds nice." I got excited and had premature etextulation.

Haley: Don't worry, it happens to a lot of guys.
by bizmike May 15, 2012
Top Definition
When you are texting someone and hit "send" accidentally before actually writing anything. Subsequently sending a blank text. Using this phase completely absolves your texting incompetence.
George: Hey Gina
George: Uh, you sent a blank text.
Gina: Sorry George my phone has premature etextulation.
by jaqueranda December 04, 2009
It's when you are texting someone and you accidentally send the text before you're done writing it.
I just got a text from someone that ended in the middle of a sentence. He must have had a premature etextulation because he sent the end of the sentence in another text.
by bikewreckgary December 07, 2011
To experience premature e-textulation is to accidentally send a text message or comment via phone or social network, before the text/comment is complete.
Text 1: I'm on my way. I just ha-

Text 2: ...have to stop for milk. Sorry. Premature e-textulation -lol.
by Medi0cre Man March 05, 2010
When you hit the send button on your phone in the middle of a text. You send your text prematurely and unfinished.
I was so nervous the I accidently hit the send button before I was finished with my text and had premature etextulation.
by SusieQRDH November 25, 2009
When you type out a text, didn't proofread it, thought it said the right thing and hit send only to find out it's all jacked up and auto correct f***ed you. This is when you realize you just had a premature etextulation!
Why did I send that? I just had a premature etextulation!
by Smurph69 July 21, 2014
when your having "Hot" phone sex with your girlfriend/boyfriend by sending pictures or explicit sexual fantasies with each other and you cum before your partner does.
My girl is mad because I was having some awesome cell phone sex with last night and had a Premature E textulation.
by BigDaddy_007 February 18, 2010
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